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Patient Safety Monitor Journal answers your most important patient safety questions and offers field-tested compliance strategies to ensure your patient safety efforts measure up to The Joint Commission.

  • Joint Commission highlights standards that apply to Ebola preparedness

    Few health emergencies have the ability to ignite such widespread panic as a potential epidemic. In the previous decade, hospitals have dealt with public health scares surrounding SARS, bird flu, and H1N1, but in 2014, Ebola has moved front and center in the U.S., a country that previously assumed it was too far removed from the disease.

  • Improving engagement scores

    Safety champions at Henry Ford Health System have helped transform the way staff members prevent patient harm

  • The Joint Commission officially releases new patient safety chapter

    After much anticipation from patient safety experts, on October 20, The Joint Commission released its new Patient Safety Systems chapter, which will be included in the 2015 Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals. As The Joint Commission previously indicated, the new chapter does not contain new accreditation requirements. Instead, it "describes how existing requirements can be applied to achieve improved patient safety." The chapter is intended to help hospital leaders focus on eliminating patient harm by improving the culture of safety within their institution.

  • Could Google Glass improve surgical outcomes?

    Responding to knowledge gap with emerging surgical tools, FUSE training program aims to improve device safety and reduce patient harm

  • APIC's ABCs of antibiotic resistance

    An executive order from President Obama and a rash of new studies have thrust the importance of antimicrobial stewardship into the national spotlight

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