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Patient Safety Monitor Journal answers your most important patient safety questions and offers field-tested compliance strategies to ensure your patient safety efforts measure up to The Joint Commission.

  • Data analytics and systems engineering offer the keys to improved patient care

    At any given moment, the intensity level within the ICU at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) in Boston can shift from relatively low to dangerously high. For clinicians, this shift is often instinctual, but difficult to grasp. A flurry of new patients may suddenly require more intensive care, causing the unit to buzz with activity. The intensity level spikes, and the providers naturally respond to the increase.

  • Miscommunication during ED handoffs paves the way for patient harm opportunities

    Over the last decade, patient handoff procedures have become an integral part of the patient care process, accompanied by a slew of acronyms and standardized procedures meant to improve continuity of care and prevent patient errors.

  • Surgeon Scorecard offers transparency, creates a path for improved care

    The nonprofit news organization ProPublica has never been one to shy away from controversy, particularly when it comes to healthcare quality. In the past, it has published databases in which patients can see whether their doctor is taking money from pharmaceutical companies, and what medicine he or she is prescribing as a result.

  • Antibiotic initiative includes stewardship oversight

    Antibiotic resistance has reached a "tipping point," according to a Vital Signs report released in August by the CDC. Internal hospital controls are no longer sufficient to prevent the spread of antibiotic-resistant organisms. Now, healthcare providers across the country should be transitioning to a community approach to effectively control the growing threat of antibiotic resistance.

  • FDA issues additional guidelines for ­reprocessing medical scopes

    Following a string of infectious outbreaks tied to duodenoscopes earlier this year, the FDA has released additional guidelines for scope reprocessing.

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